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jpicedt.graphic.view: Javadoc index of package jpicedt.graphic.view.

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jpicedt.graphic.view: jPicEdt library core classes and packages.  


View: a View is a graphic representation of a Element. It can be rendered using its paint method. It provides the following capabilities : Rendering to a Graphics2D context ; Highlighting ; Mouse-hit testing (this is here because a View knows better than anyone how a graphic element looks on the screen, and thus where a user should click to select/whatever/... the element). As an example, consider a rectangle element that has a "fill-color" attribute set to "green", and is indeed paint in green in some View implementation, but is transparent in some other implementation : then when the user clicks inside ...
DefaultViewFactory: This is the default factory used to create a View for a given Element ; should be used when one wants to render all Element's attributes ; otherwise subclass with your own ViewFactory and override : createView : to return your own View for some or all Element's (then call super.createView) createStroke, createPaintForInterior, createPaintForOutline : these methods are called by various View's to extract rendering information from PicAttributeSet's when common behaviour is expected whatever the particular Element is being actually rendered.
ViewFactory: A factory to create a View for a given Element. This is intented to enable customization according e.g. to the given content-type (LaTeX, PsTricks, Eepic,...) when views differ (for example, PsTricks allows colour-filled polygon whereas LaTeX doesn't).
HitInfo: A HitInfo encapsulates information related to a mouse click on a particular Element.
AbstractView: Abstract implementation that provide some basic common behaviours for View's.

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