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jpicedt.ui.internal: Javadoc index of package jpicedt.ui.internal.

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InternalFrameMDIManager: An MDI Manager implementation for "childframe" mode (i.e. using JInternalFrame's) Layer management : PEDrawingBoard's are added to JDesktopPane.DEFAULT_LAYER (bottom most layer) Unfortunately, with the current scheme used for action dispatching, only PEDrawingBoard's can be added to the JDesktopPane. Other components (e.g. toolbars) CAN'T be used as a click on a toolbar belonging to, say, the PALETTE_LAYER, would immediately make it the active internal frame, and since action dispatching relies on the fact that the active internal frame is supposed to host a PEDrawingBoard, this wouldn't work. ...
PEPopupMenuFactory: A factory to create a PEPopupMenu for an EditorKit.
PEToolBar: The main application toolbar.
PEMenuBar: The main menu bar.

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