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jpicedt.ui: Javadoc index of package jpicedt.ui.

Package Samples:

jpicedt.ui.action: Some classes and interfaces that help building concrete implementation of MDIManager's.  
jpicedt.ui.util: Some classes and interfaces that help building concrete implementation of MDIManager's.  


RunExternalCommand: A class implementing methods for calling external processes like latex, (x)dvi, ghostscript... on the current picture file (e.g. the active internal frame) A "tmp" file is generated on-the-fly in the "tmp" directory of the underlying platform, This tmp file contains an adequate preamble (e.g. usepackage{epic}) depending on current options, and LaTeX commands (or PsTricks or eepic commands) corresponding to each object found in the given picture. These command lines may include the following special symbols : - {f} : tmp file name w/o extension (the user need to specify explicitely any extension ...
InternalFrameMDIManager: An MDI Manager implementation for "childframe" mode (i.e. using JInternalFrame's) Layer management : PEDrawingBoard's are added to JDesktopPane.DEFAULT_LAYER (bottom most layer) Unfortunately, with the current scheme used for action dispatching, only PEDrawingBoard's can be added to the JDesktopPane. Other components (e.g. toolbars) CAN'T be used as a click on a toolbar belonging to, say, the PALETTE_LAYER, would immediately make it the active internal frame, and since action dispatching relies on the fact that the active internal frame is supposed to host a PEDrawingBoard, this wouldn't work. ...
PEActionLocalizer: A class that can feed PEAction's with localized properties (e.g. tooltip,...) provided by a properties file through a ResourceBundle. Each method takes a unique String argument, namely the non-localized Action name used in PEAction constructor, and builds other Action's properties from this String. If there's no associated value for this String in the associated ResourceBundle, methods catch the associated MissingResourceException and return a null value.
PEFileChooser: A factory than produces and caches frequently accessed JFileChooser's. JFileChooser's get instanciated on first call, and are then cached for better efficiency. As a side-effect, the last accessed directory is kept in memory, unless a call to configure(Properties) is made, which reinit the file chooser's.
MDIManager: An abstract class that serves a the superclass for jPicEdt Multiple Document Interface managers. Concrete implementation know how to add or remove a document (i.e. a drawing board) to the MDI interface (e.g. by wrapping them in an internal frame or in a JFrame)
DebugRepaintManager: A RepaintManager that may used for debugging purpose Print out information about adding and/or painting dirty regions How to use it : - Set DEBUG_PAINTING to TRUE in - launch jpicedt with "-redir=standard"
DebugFocusManager: A subclass of Swing's DefaultFocusManager that aims at helping us debug FocusEvent related bugs To set this class as Swing's FocusManager, just say : FocusManager.setCurrentManager(an_instance_of_DebugFocusManager);
PEDrawingBoard: A drawing board based on jpicedt.graphic.PECanvas, with an embeded scrollpane, and some I/O facilities (saving and loading) which PECanvas doesn't have. There are two accessors two retrieve the embedded canvas and scrollpane.
SystemOutUtilities: A class that allow redirection of stderr and/or stdout to a log file. Invokation of this class must be done with "SystemOutUtilities.instance()" which return a reference to the singleton.
PEProgressBar: a progress bar that is (currently) used only during GUI initialization on start-up (hence messages are predefined so that it makes sense during a GUI init, but probably not elsewhere).
ActionRegistry: A registry that retains all JPicEdt's actions in a map, supplies them on-demand through a String key, and knows how to update actions state using the currently installed MDIManager.
ViewFormattedStringDialog: This class implements a dialog box that displays the LaTeX/PsTricks/... formatted string and allows the user to edit, then (re)parse the text. corresponding to a given object
BeanShell: Wrapper for the BSH interpreter console + some useful static methods for running scripts from inside JPicEdt.

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