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jpicedt.ui.util: Javadoc index of package jpicedt.ui.util.

Package Samples:

jpicedt.ui.util: Some classes and interfaces that help building concrete implementation of MDIManager's.  


RunExternalCommand: A class implementing methods for calling external processes like latex, (x)dvi, ghostscript... on the current picture file (e.g. the active internal frame) A "tmp" file is generated on-the-fly in the "tmp" directory of the underlying platform, This tmp file contains an adequate preamble (e.g. usepackage{epic}) depending on current options, and LaTeX commands (or PsTricks or eepic commands) corresponding to each object found in the given picture. These command lines may include the following special symbols : - {f} : tmp file name w/o extension (the user need to specify explicitely any extension ...
DebugRepaintManager: A RepaintManager that may used for debugging purpose Print out information about adding and/or painting dirty regions How to use it : - Set DEBUG_PAINTING to TRUE in - launch jpicedt with "-redir=standard"
DebugFocusManager: A subclass of Swing's DefaultFocusManager that aims at helping us debug FocusEvent related bugs To set this class as Swing's FocusManager, just say : FocusManager.setCurrentManager(an_instance_of_DebugFocusManager);
SystemOutUtilities: A class that allow redirection of stderr and/or stdout to a log file. Invokation of this class must be done with "SystemOutUtilities.instance()" which return a reference to the singleton.
PEProgressBar: a progress bar that is (currently) used only during GUI initialization on start-up (hence messages are predefined so that it makes sense during a GUI init, but probably not elsewhere).
BeanShell: Wrapper for the BSH interpreter console + some useful static methods for running scripts from inside JPicEdt.
HtmlViewer: A frame for displaying HTML content (e.g. on-line help, license,...)
Fragments: Fragments menu management

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