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jpicedt.widgets: Javadoc index of package jpicedt.widgets.

Package Samples:

jpicedt.widgets: Contains the main JPicEdt class, as well as some utilities.  


IncrementableTextField: A JComponent that encompasses a traditional JTextField together with a +/- arrow field that allows the user to increment/decrement the field's value.
MotifLAFCellRenderer: A customized cell-renderer for the Motif LAF (turns selected item background to white)
HistoryModel: A history list. One history list can be used by several history text fields.
ModalInternalFrame: Re-implementation of JDialog using JInternalFrame's.
HistoryTextField: Text field with an arrow-key accessable history.
DecimalNumberField: A JtextField that accept only DecimalNumbers
WholeNumberField: A JtextField that accept only WholeNumbers
FontSelector: A font chooser widget.

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