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Reattore IO package.


Class Summary
ByteBufferPool A pool for a set of ByteBuffers.
ByteBufferSource A thin wrapper around the ByteBuffer API that implements the Reattore IO API.
ByteSourceSink Buffer that may be used for temporary storage and which is backed by a byte array.
ChannelFileSource A byte source that serves from a file using channels.
PushbackByteSource Simple one character pushback system that works across multiple input arrays.
SourceHelper Helper methods that transform sources.

Package Description

Reattore IO package.

This is a rather unfortunate module that provides an IO interface not supplied by either the streams interface or the java.nio buffer interface. This module provides systems that can take arbitrary amounts of data that can be read back later. It is both:

The primary purpose of this module is to provide a place to store the received data so that it can be passed to the data handler.

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