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public interface: Cell [javadoc | source] Represents an individual Cell within a Sheet. May be queried for its type and its content
Method from jxl.Cell Summary:
getCellFeatures,   getCellFormat,   getColumn,   getContents,   getRow,   getType,   isHidden
Method from jxl.Cell Detail:
 public CellFeatures getCellFeatures()
    Gets any special cell features, such as comments (notes) or cell validation present for this cell
 public CellFormat getCellFormat()
    Gets the cell format which applies to this cell Note that for cell with a cell type of EMPTY, which has no formatting information, this method will return null. Some empty cells (eg. on template spreadsheets) may have a cell type of EMPTY, but will actually contain formatting information
 public int getColumn()
    Returns the column number of this cell
 public String getContents()
    Quick and dirty function to return the contents of this cell as a string. For more complex manipulation of the contents, it is necessary to cast this interface to correct subinterface
 public int getRow()
    Returns the row number of this cell
 public CellType getType()
    Returns the content type of this cell
 public boolean isHidden()
    Indicates whether or not this cell is hidden, by virtue of either the entire row or column being collapsed