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public class: FormattingRecords [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:

The list of XF records and formatting records for the workbook
 public FormattingRecords(Fonts f) 
    f - the container for the fonts
Method from jxl.biff.FormattingRecords Summary:
addFormat,   addStyle,   getColourRGB,   getDateFormat,   getFonts,   getFormatRecord,   getNumberFormat,   getNumberOfFormatRecords,   getPalette,   getXFRecord,   isDate,   rationalize,   rationalizeDisplayFormats,   rationalizeFonts,   setColourRGB,   setPalette,   write
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Method from jxl.biff.FormattingRecords Detail:
 public final  void addFormat(DisplayFormat fr) throws NumFormatRecordsException 
    Adds a cell format to the hash map, keyed on its index. If the format record is not initialized, then its index number is determined and its initialize method called. If the font is not a built in format, then it is added to the list of formats for writing out
 public final  void addStyle(XFRecord xf) throws NumFormatRecordsException 
    Adds an extended formatting record to the list. If the XF record passed in has not been initialized, its index is determined based on the xfRecords list, and this position is passed to the XF records initialize method
 public RGB getColourRGB(Colour c) 
    Accessor for the RGB value for the specified colour
 public final DateFormat getDateFormat(int pos) 
    Gets the DateFormat used to format the cell.
 protected final Fonts getFonts() 
    Accessor for the fonts used by this workbook
 FormatRecord getFormatRecord(int index) 
    Gets the format record
 public final NumberFormat getNumberFormat(int pos) 
    Gets the NumberFormat used to format the cell.
 protected final int getNumberOfFormatRecords() 
    Gets the number of formatting records on the list. This is used by the writable subclass because there is an upper limit on the amount of format records that are allowed to be present in an excel sheet
 public PaletteRecord getPalette() 
    Accessor for the colour palette
 public final XFRecord getXFRecord(int index) 
    Gets the XFRecord for the specified index. Used when copying individual cells
 public final boolean isDate(int pos) 
    Sees if the extended formatting record at the specified position represents a date. First checks against the built in formats, and then checks against the hash map of FormatRecords
 public IndexMapping rationalize(IndexMapping fontMapping,
    IndexMapping formatMapping) 
    Rationalizes the cell formats. Duplicate formats are removed and the format indexed of the cells adjusted accordingly
 public IndexMapping rationalizeDisplayFormats() 
    Rationalizes the display formats. Duplicate formats are removed and the format indices of the cells adjusted accordingly. It is invoked immediately prior to writing writing out the sheet
 public IndexMapping rationalizeFonts() 
    Rationalizes all the fonts, removing duplicate entries
 public  void setColourRGB(Colour c,
    int r,
    int g,
    int b) 
    Sets the RGB value for the specified colour for this workbook
 public  void setPalette(PaletteRecord pr) 
    Called from the WorkbookParser to set the colour palette
 public  void write(File outputFile) throws IOException 
    Writes out all the format records and the XF records