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abstract public class: WritableRecordData [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Extension of the standard RecordData which is used to support those records which, once read, may also be written
Field Summary
protected static final  int maxRecordLength    The maximum length allowed by Excel for any record length 
 protected WritableRecordData(Type t) 
    Constructor used by the writable records
    t - the biff type of this record
 protected WritableRecordData(Record t) 
    Constructor used when reading a record
    t - the raw data read from the biff file
Method from jxl.biff.WritableRecordData Summary:
getBytes,   getData
Methods from jxl.biff.RecordData:
getCode,   getRecord
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Method from jxl.biff.WritableRecordData Detail:
 public final byte[] getBytes() 
    Used when writing out records. This portion of the method handles the biff code and the length of the record and appends on the data retrieved from the subclasses
 abstract protected byte[] getData()
    Abstract method called by the getBytes method. Subclasses implement this method to incorporate their specific binary data - excluding the biff code and record length, which is handled by this class