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public class: Chart [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    EscherStream, ByteData

Contains the various biff records used to insert a chart into a worksheet
 public Chart(MsoDrawingRecord mso,
    ObjRecord obj,
    DrawingData dd,
    int sp,
    int ep,
    File f,
    WorkbookSettings ws) 
    mso - a MsoDrawingRecord value
    obj - an ObjRecord value
    dd - the drawing data
    sp - an int value
    ep - an int value
    f - a File value
    ws - the workbook settings
Method from jxl.biff.drawing.Chart Summary:
getBytes,   getData,   getMsoDrawingRecord,   getObjRecord,   getSpContainer,   rationalize
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Method from jxl.biff.drawing.Chart Detail:
 public byte[] getBytes() 
    Gets the entire binary record for the chart as a chunk of binary data
 public byte[] getData() 
    Implementation of the EscherStream method
 MsoDrawingRecord getMsoDrawingRecord() 
    Accessor for the mso drawing record
 ObjRecord getObjRecord() 
    Accessor for the obj record
 EscherContainer getSpContainer() 
    Gets the SpContainer containing the charts drawing information
 public  void rationalize(IndexMapping xfMapping,
    IndexMapping fontMapping,
    IndexMapping formatMapping) 
    Rationalizes the sheet's xf index mapping