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public class: CheckBox [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Contains the various biff records used to copy a CheckBox (from the Form toolbox) between workbook
 public CheckBox() 
 public CheckBox(DrawingGroupObject dgo,
    DrawingGroup dg,
    WorkbookSettings ws) 
    Copy constructor used to copy drawings from read to write
    dgo - the drawing group object
    dg - the drawing group
    ws - the workbook settings
 public CheckBox(MsoDrawingRecord mso,
    ObjRecord obj,
    DrawingData dd,
    DrawingGroup dg,
    WorkbookSettings ws) 
    Constructor used when reading images
    mso - the drawing record
    obj - the object record
    dd - the drawing data for all drawings on this sheet
    dg - the drawing group
    ws - the workbook settings
Method from jxl.biff.drawing.CheckBox Summary:
addMso,   getBlipId,   getColumn,   getDrawingGroup,   getHeight,   getImageBytes,   getImageData,   getImageFilePath,   getMsoDrawingRecord,   getObjectId,   getOrigin,   getReferenceCount,   getRow,   getShapeId,   getSpContainer,   getType,   getWidth,   getX,   getY,   hashCode,   isFirst,   isFormObject,   setDrawingGroup,   setFormatting,   setHeight,   setObjectId,   setReferenceCount,   setText,   setTextObject,   setWidth,   setX,   setY,   writeAdditionalRecords,   writeTailRecords
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from jxl.biff.drawing.CheckBox Detail:
 public  void addMso(MsoDrawingRecord d) 
    The drawing record
 public final int getBlipId() 
    Accessor for the blip id
 public int getColumn() 
    Accessor for the column
 public DrawingGroup getDrawingGroup() 
    Accessor for the drawing group
 public double getHeight() 
    Accessor for the height of this drawing
 public byte[] getImageBytes() 
    Accessor for the image data
 public byte[] getImageData() 
    Accessor for the image data
 public String getImageFilePath() 
    Accessor for the image file path. Normally this is the absolute path of a file on the directory system, but if this drawing was constructed using an byte[] then the blip id is returned
 public MsoDrawingRecord getMsoDrawingRecord() 
    Gets the drawing record which was read in
 public final int getObjectId() 
    Accessor for the object id
 public Origin getOrigin() 
    Gets the origin of this drawing
 public int getReferenceCount() 
    Accessor for the reference count on this drawing
 public int getRow() 
    Accessor for the row
 public final int getShapeId() 
    Accessor for the shape id
 public EscherContainer getSpContainer() 
    Creates the main Sp container for the drawing
 public ShapeType getType() 
    Accessor for the type
 public double getWidth() 
    Accessor for the width of this drawing
 public double getX() 
    Accessor for the column of this drawing
 public double getY() 
    Accessor for the row of this drawing
 public int hashCode() 
    Hashing algorithm
 public boolean isFirst() 
    Accessor for the first drawing on the sheet. This is used when copying unmodified sheets to indicate that this drawing contains the first time Escher gubbins
 public boolean isFormObject() 
    Queries whether this object is a form object. Form objects have their drawings records spread over TXO and CONTINUE records and require special handling
 public  void setDrawingGroup(DrawingGroup dg) 
    Sets the drawing group for this drawing. Called by the drawing group when this drawing is added to it
 public  void setFormatting(ContinueRecord t) 
    Sets the formatting
 public  void setHeight(double h) 
    Accessor for the height of this drawing
 public final  void setObjectId(int objid,
    int bip,
    int sid) 
    Sets the object id. Invoked by the drawing group when the object is added to id
 public  void setReferenceCount(int r) 
    Sets the new reference count on the drawing
 public  void setText(ContinueRecord t) 
    Sets the text data
 public  void setTextObject(TextObjectRecord t) 
    Sets the text object
 public  void setWidth(double w) 
    Accessor for the width
 public  void setX(double x) 
    Sets the column position of this drawing. Used when inserting/removing columns from the spreadsheet
 public  void setY(double y) 
    Accessor for the row of the drawing
 public  void writeAdditionalRecords(File outputFile) throws IOException 
    Writes out the additional records for a combo box
 public  void writeTailRecords(File outputFile) 
    Writes any records that need to be written after all the drawing group objects have been written Writes out all the note records