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public class: DrawingGroup [javadoc | source]

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This class contains the Excel picture data in Escher format for the entire workbook
 public DrawingGroup(Origin o) 
    o - the origin of this drawing group
 public DrawingGroup(DrawingGroup dg) 
    Copy constructor Uses a shallow copy for most things, since as soon as anything is changed, the drawing group is invalidated and all the data blocks regenerated
    dg - the drawing group to copy
Method from jxl.biff.drawing.DrawingGroup Summary:
add,   add,   add,   add,   addDrawing,   getData,   getImageData,   getNumberOfBlips,   hasDrawingsOmitted,   remove,   setDrawingsOmitted,   updateData,   write
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Method from jxl.biff.drawing.DrawingGroup Detail:
 public  void add(MsoDrawingGroupRecord mso) 
    /** Adds in a drawing group record to this drawing group. The binary data is extracted from the drawing group and added to a single byte array
 public  void add(Record cont) 
    Adds a continue record to this drawing group. the binary data is extracted and appended to the byte array
 public  void add(Chart c) 
    Adds a chart to the drawing group
 public  void add(DrawingGroupObject d) 
    Adds a drawing from the public, writable interface
 final  void addDrawing(DrawingGroupObject d) 
    Adds a drawing to the drawing group
 public byte[] getData() 
    Gets hold of the binary data
 byte[] getImageData(int blipId) 
    Gets the drawing data for the given blip id. Called by the Drawing object
 final int getNumberOfBlips() 
    Accessor for the number of blips in the drawing group
 public boolean hasDrawingsOmitted() 
    Accessor for the drawingsOmitted flag
 public  void remove(DrawingGroupObject d) 
    Interface method to remove a drawing from the group
 public  void setDrawingsOmitted(MsoDrawingRecord mso,
    ObjRecord obj) 
    Indicates that at least one of the drawings has been omitted from the worksheet
 public  void updateData(DrawingGroup dg) 
    Updates this with the appropriate data from the drawing group passed in This is called during the copy process: this is first initialised as an empty object, but during the copy, the source DrawingGroup may change. After the copy process, this method is then called to update the relevant fields. Unfortunately, the copy process required the presence of a drawing group
 public  void write(File outputFile) throws IOException 
    Writes the drawing group to the output file