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abstract class: EscherRecord [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    DgContainer, SplitMenuColors, Spgr, ClientAnchor, SpgrContainer, ClientTextBox, EscherAtom, Sp, Opt, SpContainer, Dgg, Dg, ClientData, DggContainer, BStoreContainer, BlipStoreEntry, EscherContainer

The base class for all escher records. This class contains the jxl.common.header data and is basically a wrapper for the EscherRecordData object
Field Summary
protected static final  int HEADER_LENGTH    The length of the escher header on all records 
 protected EscherRecord(EscherRecordData erd) 
    erd - the data
 protected EscherRecord(EscherRecordType type) 
    type - the type
Method from jxl.biff.drawing.EscherRecord Summary:
getBytes,   getData,   getEscherData,   getEscherStream,   getInstance,   getLength,   getPos,   getStreamLength,   getType,   setContainer,   setHeaderData,   setInstance,   setVersion
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Method from jxl.biff.drawing.EscherRecord Detail:
 byte[] getBytes() 
    Gets the data that was read in, excluding the header data
 abstract byte[] getData()
    Abstract method used to retrieve the generated escher data when writing out image information
 protected EscherRecordData getEscherData() 
    Used by the EscherDisplay class to retrieve the data
 protected final EscherStream getEscherStream() 
    Accessor for the escher stream
 protected final int getInstance() 
    Accessor for the instance
 public int getLength() 
    Gets the entire length of the record, including the header
 protected final int getPos() 
    The position of this escher record in the stream
 protected int getStreamLength() 
    Accessor for the stream length
 public EscherRecordType getType() 
    Accessor for the escher type
 protected  void setContainer(boolean cont) 
    Identifies whether this item is a container
 final byte[] setHeaderData(byte[] d) 
    Prepends the standard header data to the first eight bytes of the array and returns it
 protected final  void setInstance(int i) 
    Sets the instance number when writing out the escher data
 protected final  void setVersion(int v) 
    Sets the version when writing out the escher data