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final class: EscherRecordData [javadoc | source]
A single record from an Escher stream. Basically this a container for the header data for each Escher record
 public EscherRecordData(EscherRecordType t) 
    t - the type of the escher record
 public EscherRecordData(EscherStream dg,
    int p) 
    dg - the escher stream data
    p - the current position in the stream
Method from jxl.biff.drawing.EscherRecordData Summary:
getBytes,   getDrawingGroup,   getEscherStream,   getInstance,   getLength,   getPos,   getRecordId,   getStreamLength,   getType,   isContainer,   setContainer,   setHeaderData,   setInstance,   setLength,   setVersion
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Method from jxl.biff.drawing.EscherRecordData Detail:
 byte[] getBytes() 
    Gets the data that was read in, excluding the header data
 EscherStream getDrawingGroup() 
    Accessor for the drawing group stream
 EscherStream getEscherStream() 
    Accessor for the header stream
 int getInstance() 
    Gets the instance value
 public int getLength() 
    Accessor for the length, excluding the 8 byte header
 int getPos() 
    Gets the position in the stream
 public int getRecordId() 
    Accessor for the record id
 int getStreamLength() 
    Accessor for the stream length
 EscherRecordType getType() 
    Gets the escher type of this record
 public boolean isContainer() 
    Determines whether this record is a container
  void setContainer(boolean c) 
    Sets whether or not this is a container - called when writing out an escher stream
 byte[] setHeaderData(byte[] d) 
    Adds the 8 byte header data on the value data passed in, returning the modified data
  void setInstance(int inst) 
    Called from the subclass when writing to set the instance value
  void setLength(int l) 
    Called when writing to set the length of this record
  void setVersion(int v) 
    Called when writing to set the version of this record