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class: CellReferenceError [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

An cell reference error which occurs in a formula
 public CellReferenceError() 
Method from jxl.biff.formula.CellReferenceError Summary:
getBytes,   getString,   handleImportedCellReferences,   read
Methods from jxl.biff.formula.Operand:
adjustRelativeCellReferences,   columnInserted,   columnRemoved,   rowInserted,   rowRemoved
Methods from jxl.biff.formula.ParseItem:
adjustRelativeCellReferences,   columnInserted,   columnRemoved,   getBytes,   getParseContext,   getString,   handleImportedCellReferences,   isValid,   isVolatile,   rowInserted,   rowRemoved,   setAlternateCode,   setInvalid,   setParent,   setParseContext,   setVolatile,   useAlternateCode
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Method from jxl.biff.formula.CellReferenceError Detail:
 byte[] getBytes() 
    Gets the token representation of this item in RPN
 public  void getString(StringBuffer buf) 
    Gets the cell reference as a string for this item
  void handleImportedCellReferences() 
    If this formula was on an imported sheet, check that cell references to another sheet are warned appropriately Does nothing
 public int read(byte[] data,
    int pos) 
    Reads the ptg data from the array starting at the specified position