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abstract class: Operator [javadoc | source]
An operator is a node in a parse tree. Its children can be other operators or operands Arithmetic operators and functions are all considered operators
 public Operator() 
Method from jxl.biff.formula.Operator Summary:
add,   getOperands,   getOperands,   getPrecedence,   setOperandAlternateCode
Methods from jxl.biff.formula.ParseItem:
adjustRelativeCellReferences,   columnInserted,   columnRemoved,   getBytes,   getParseContext,   getString,   handleImportedCellReferences,   isValid,   isVolatile,   rowInserted,   rowRemoved,   setAlternateCode,   setInvalid,   setParent,   setParseContext,   setVolatile,   useAlternateCode
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Method from jxl.biff.formula.Operator Detail:
 protected  void add(ParseItem n) 
    Adds operands to this item
 protected ParseItem[] getOperands() 
    Gets the operands ie. the children of the node
 abstract public  void getOperands(Stack s)
    Gets the operands for this operator from the stack
 abstract int getPrecedence()
    Gets the precedence for this operator. Operator precedents run from 1 to 5, one being the highest, 5 being the lowest
 protected  void setOperandAlternateCode() 
    Tells the operands to use the alternate code