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Sub Packages:



ByteData   Interface which provides a method for transferring chunks of binary data from one Excel file (read in) to another (written out)  code | html
DisplayFormat   The interface implemented by the various number and date format styles.  code | html
FormulaData   Interface which is used for copying formulas from a read only to a writable spreadsheet  code | html
WorkbookMethods   An interface containing some common workbook methods.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

BaseCompoundFile   Contains the common data for a compound file  code | html
HeaderFooter   Class which represents an Excel header or footer.  code | html
RecordData   The record data within a record  code | html
WritableRecordData   Extension of the standard RecordData which is used to support those records which, once read, may also be written  code | html


AutoFilter   Information for autofiltering  code | html
AutoFilterInfoRecord   Range information for conditional formatting  code | html
AutoFilterRecord   Range information for conditional formatting  code | html
BaseCellFeatures   Container for any additional cell features  code | html
BaseCellFeatures.ValidationCondition     code | html
BaseCompoundFile.PropertyStorage   Inner class to represent the property storage sets.  code | html
BuiltInFormat   The excel string for the various built in formats.  code | html
BuiltInName   Enumeration of built in names  code | html
BuiltInStyle   Represents a built in, rather than a user defined, style.  code | html
ByteArray   A growable array of bytes  code | html
CellFinder   Refactorisation to provide more sophisticated find cell by contents functionality  code | html
CellReferenceHelper   A helper to transform between excel cell references and sheet:column:row notation Because this function will be called when generating a string representation of a formula, the cell reference will merely be appened to the string buffer instead of returning a full blooded string, for performance reasons  code | html
ConditionalFormat   Class containing the CONDFMT and CF records for conditionally formatting a cell  code | html
ConditionalFormatRangeRecord   Range information for conditional formatting  code | html
ConditionalFormatRangeRecord.Range     code | html
ConditionalFormatRecord   The conditional format conditions  code | html
ContinueRecord   A continue record - only used explicitly in special circumstances, as the general continuation record is handled directly by the records  code | html
CountryCode   Enumeration type for the excel country codes  code | html
DVParser   Class which parses the binary data associated with Data Validity (DV) setting  code | html
DVParser.Condition     code | html
DVParser.DVType     code | html
DVParser.ErrorStyle     code | html
DValParser   Class which parses the binary data associated with Data Validity (DVal) setting  code | html
DataValidation   Class which encapsulates a data validation.  code | html
DataValidityListRecord   Record containing the list of data validation settings for a given sheet  code | html
DataValiditySettingsRecord   Data validity settings.  code | html
DoubleHelper   Class to help handle doubles  code | html
EmptyCell   An empty cell.  code | html
EncodedURLHelper   Helper to get the Microsoft encoded URL from the given string  code | html
FilterModeRecord   Range information for conditional formatting  code | html
FontRecord   A record containing the necessary data for the font information  code | html
FontRecord.Biff7   Dummy indicators for overloading the constructor  code | html
Fonts   A container for the list of fonts used in this workbook  code | html
FormatRecord   A non-built in format record  code | html
FormatRecord.BiffType     code | html
FormattingRecords   The list of XF records and formatting records for the workbook  code | html
HeaderFooter.Contents   The contents - a simple wrapper around a string buffer  code | html
IndexMapping   This class is a wrapper for a list of mappings between indices.  code | html
IntegerHelper   Converts excel byte representations into integers  code | html
NameRangeException   A properly typed exception in case consumers of the API specifically wish to handle the case when the workbook is password protected  code | html
NumFormatRecordsException   Excel places a constraint on the number of format records that are allowed.  code | html
PaletteRecord   A record representing the RGB colour palette  code | html
RangeImpl   Implementation class for the Range interface.  code | html
SheetRangeImpl   Implementation class for the Range interface.  code | html
StringHelper   Helper function to convert Java string objects to and from the byte representations  code | html
Type   An enumeration class which contains the biff types  code | html
Type.ArbitraryType     code | html
WorkspaceInformationRecord   A record detailing whether the sheet is protected  code | html
XCTRecord   A record representing the XCT record  code | html
XFRecord   Holds an extended formatting record  code | html
XFRecord.BiffType     code | html
XFRecord.XFType     code | html