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abstract public class: Logger [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    Log4JLogger, SimpleLogger

Abstract wrapper class for the logging interface of choice. The methods declared here are the same as those for the log4j
 protected Logger() 
Method from jxl.common.Logger Summary:
debug,   debug,   error,   error,   fatal,   fatal,   getLogger,   getLoggerImpl,   info,   info,   setSuppressWarnings,   warn,   warn
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Method from jxl.common.Logger Detail:
 abstract public  void debug(Object message)
    Log a debug message
 abstract public  void debug(Object message,
    Throwable t)
    Log a debug message and exception
 abstract public  void error(Object message)
    Log an error message
 abstract public  void error(Object message,
    Throwable t)
    Log an error message object and exception
 abstract public  void fatal(Object message)
    Log a fatal message
 abstract public  void fatal(Object message,
    Throwable t)
    Log a fatal message and exception
 public static final Logger getLogger(Class cl) 
    Factory method to return the logger
 abstract protected Logger getLoggerImpl(Class cl)
    Accessor to the logger implementation
 abstract public  void info(Object message)
    Log an information message
 abstract public  void info(Object message,
    Throwable t)
    Logs an information message and an exception
 public  void setSuppressWarnings(boolean w) 
    Empty implementation of the suppressWarnings. Subclasses may or may not override this method. This method is included primarily for backwards support of the jxl.nowarnings property, and is used only by the SimpleLogger
 abstract public  void warn(Object message)
    Log a warning message object
 abstract public  void warn(Object message,
    Throwable t)
    Log a warning message with exception