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public class: Alignment [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:

Enumeration class which contains the various alignments for data within a cell
Field Summary
public static  Alignment GENERAL    The standard alignment 
public static  Alignment LEFT    Data cells with this alignment will appear at the left hand edge of the cell 
public static  Alignment CENTRE    Data in cells with this alignment will be centred 
public static  Alignment RIGHT    Data in cells with this alignment will be right aligned 
public static  Alignment FILL    Data in cells with this alignment will fill the cell 
public static  Alignment JUSTIFY    Data in cells with this alignment will be justified 
 protected Alignment(int val,
    String s) 
    Private constructor
    val -
    string -
Method from jxl.format.Alignment Summary:
getAlignment,   getDescription,   getValue
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Method from jxl.format.Alignment Detail:
 public static Alignment getAlignment(int val) 
    Gets the alignment from the value
 public String getDescription() 
    Gets the string description of this alignment
 public int getValue() 
    Gets the value of this alignment. This is the value that is written to the generated Excel file