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public interface: Font [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    Font, WritableFont, FontRecord, WritableFontRecord

Interface which exposes the user font display information to the user
Method from jxl.format.Font Summary:
getBoldWeight,   getColour,   getName,   getPointSize,   getScriptStyle,   getUnderlineStyle,   isItalic,   isStruckout
Method from jxl.format.Font Detail:
 public int getBoldWeight()
    Gets the bold weight for this font
 public Colour getColour()
    Gets the colour for this font
 public String getName()
    Gets the name of this font
 public int getPointSize()
    Gets the point size for this font, if the font hasn't been initialized
 public ScriptStyle getScriptStyle()
    Gets the script style
 public UnderlineStyle getUnderlineStyle()
    Gets the underline style for this font
 public boolean isItalic()
    Returns the italic flag
 public boolean isStruckout()
    Returns the strike-out flag