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public final class: CompoundFile [javadoc | source]
Reads in and defrags an OLE compound compound file (Made public only for the PropertySets demo)
Fields inherited from jxl.biff.BaseCompoundFile:
 public CompoundFile(byte[] d,
    WorkbookSettings ws) throws BiffException 
    Initializes the compound file
    d - the raw data of the ole stream
    ws - the workbook settings
    BiffException -
    exception: BiffException -
Method from jxl.read.biff.CompoundFile Summary:
findPropertyStorage,   getNumberOfPropertySets,   getPropertySet,   getStream,   getStream
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Method from jxl.read.biff.CompoundFile Detail:
 public PropertyStorage findPropertyStorage(String name) 
    Recursively searches the property storages in hierarchy order for the appropriate name. This is the public version which is invoked from the writable version when copying a sheet with addition property sets.
 public int getNumberOfPropertySets() 
    Gets the number of property sets
 public PropertyStorage getPropertySet(int index) 
    Gets the property set. Invoked when copying worksheets with macros. Simply calls the private counterpart
 public byte[] getStream(String streamName) throws BiffException 
    Gets the defragmented stream from this ole compound file
 public byte[] getStream(int psIndex) throws BiffException 
    Gets the defragmented stream from this ole compound file. Used when copying workbooks with macros