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class: NumberValue [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    CellFeaturesAccessor, NumberCell

A numerical cell value, initialized indirectly from a multiple biff record rather than directly from the binary data
 public NumberValue(int r,
    int c,
    double val,
    int xfi,
    FormattingRecords fr,
    SheetImpl si) 
    Constructs this number
    r - the zero based row
    c - the zero base column
    val - the value
    xfi - the xf index
    fr - the formatting records
    si - the sheet
Method from jxl.read.biff.NumberValue Summary:
getCellFeatures,   getCellFormat,   getColumn,   getContents,   getNumberFormat,   getRow,   getType,   getValue,   isHidden,   setCellFeatures,   setNumberFormat
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Method from jxl.read.biff.NumberValue Detail:
 public CellFeatures getCellFeatures() 
    Accessor for the cell features
 public CellFormat getCellFormat() 
    Gets the cell format
 public final int getColumn() 
    Accessor for the column
 public String getContents() 
    Accessor for the contents as a string
 public NumberFormat getNumberFormat() 
    Gets the NumberFormat used to format this cell. This is the java equivalent of the Excel format
 public final int getRow() 
    Accessor for the row
 public CellType getType() 
    Accessor for the cell type
 public double getValue() 
    Accessor for the value
 public boolean isHidden() 
    Determines whether or not this cell has been hidden
 public  void setCellFeatures(CellFeatures cf) 
    Sets the cell features
 final  void setNumberFormat(NumberFormat f) 
    Sets the format for the number based on the Excel spreadsheets' format. This is called from SheetImpl when it has been definitely established that this cell is a number and not a date