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public final class: Record [javadoc | source]
A container for the raw record data within a biff file
 Record(byte[] d,
    int offset,
    File f) 
    offset - the offset in the raw file
    f - the excel 97 biff file
    d - the data record
Method from jxl.read.biff.Record Summary:
addContinueRecord,   getCode,   getData,   getLength,   getType,   setType
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Method from jxl.read.biff.Record Detail:
 public  void addContinueRecord(Record d) 
    Adds a continue record to this data
 public int getCode() 
    The excel 97 code
 public byte[] getData() 
    Gets the data portion of the record
 public int getLength() 
    Gets the length of the record
 public Type getType() 
    Gets the biff type
  void setType(Type t) 
    In the case of dodgy records, this method may be called to forcibly set the type in order to continue processing