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public class: SharedDateFormulaRecord [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    DateFormulaCell, FormulaData, DateCell, CellFeaturesAccessor, Cell

A number formula record, manufactured out of the Shared Formula "optimization"
 public SharedDateFormulaRecord(SharedNumberFormulaRecord nfr,
    FormattingRecords fr,
    boolean nf,
    SheetImpl si,
    int pos) 
    Constructs this number formula
    nfr - the number formula records
    fr - the formatting records
    nf - flag indicating whether this uses the 1904 date system
    si - the sheet
    pos - the position
Method from jxl.read.biff.SharedDateFormulaRecord Summary:
getContents,   getDate,   getDateFormat,   getFormulaData,   getType,   getValue,   isTime
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getExternalSheet,   getFilePos,   getFormula,   getNameTable,   getRecord,   getTokens,   setTokens
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Method from jxl.read.biff.SharedDateFormulaRecord Detail:
 public String getContents() 
    Accessor for the contents as a string
 public Date getDate() 
    Gets the date
 public DateFormat getDateFormat() 
    Gets the DateFormat used to format the cell. This will normally be the format specified in the excel spreadsheet, but in the event of any difficulty parsing this, it will revert to the default date/time format.
 public byte[] getFormulaData() throws FormulaException 
    Gets the raw bytes for the formula. This will include the parsed tokens array. Used when copying spreadsheets
 public CellType getType() 
    Accessor for the cell type
 public double getValue() 
    Accessor for the value
 public boolean isTime() 
    Indicates whether the date value contained in this cell refers to a date, or merely a time