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public class: SupbookRecord [javadoc | source]
A record containing the references to the various sheets (internal and external) referenced by formulas in this workbook
Field Summary
public static final  Type INTERNAL     
public static final  Type EXTERNAL     
public static final  Type ADDIN     
public static final  Type LINK     
public static final  Type UNKNOWN     
 SupbookRecord(Record t,
    WorkbookSettings ws) 
    Constructs this object from the raw data
    t - the raw data
    ws - the workbook settings
Method from jxl.read.biff.SupbookRecord Summary:
getData,   getFileName,   getNumberOfSheets,   getSheetName,   getType
Methods from jxl.biff.RecordData:
getCode,   getRecord
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Method from jxl.read.biff.SupbookRecord Detail:
 public byte[] getData() 
    Gets the data - used when copying a spreadsheet
 public String getFileName() 
    Gets the name of the external file
 public int getNumberOfSheets() 
    Gets the number of sheets. This will only be non-zero for internal and external supbooks
 public String getSheetName(int i) 
    Gets the name of the external sheet
 public Type getType() 
    Gets the type of this supbook record