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public class: CellXFRecord [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    CellFormat, ByteData

Direct Known Subclasses:

A cell XF Record
Fields inherited from jxl.biff.XFRecord:
formatIndex,  biff8,  biff7,  cell,  style
Fields inherited from jxl.biff.WritableRecordData:
 CellXFRecord(XFRecord fmt) 
    Copy constructor. Invoked when copying formats to handle cell merging
    fmt - the format to copy
 protected CellXFRecord(CellFormat format) 
    A public copy constructor which can be used for copy formats between different sheets
 protected CellXFRecord(FontRecord fnt,
    DisplayFormat form) 
    fnt - the font
    form - the format
Method from jxl.write.biff.CellXFRecord Summary:
setAlignment,   setBackground,   setBorder,   setIndentation,   setLocked,   setOrientation,   setShrinkToFit,   setVerticalAlignment,   setWrap
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Methods from jxl.biff.WritableRecordData:
getBytes,   getData
Methods from jxl.biff.RecordData:
getCode,   getRecord
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from jxl.write.biff.CellXFRecord Detail:
 public  void setAlignment(Alignment a) throws WriteException 
    Sets the alignment for the cell
 public  void setBackground(Colour c,
    Pattern p) throws WriteException 
    Sets the background for the cell
 public  void setBorder(Border b,
    BorderLineStyle ls,
    Colour c) throws WriteException 
    Sets the border style for cells with this format
 public  void setIndentation(int i) throws WriteException 
    Sets the indentation of the cell text
 public  void setLocked(boolean l) throws WriteException 
    Sets whether or not this XF record locks the cell
 public  void setOrientation(Orientation o) throws WriteException 
    Sets the text orientation for cells with this style
 public  void setShrinkToFit(boolean s) throws WriteException 
    Sets the shrink to fit flag
 public  void setVerticalAlignment(VerticalAlignment va) throws WriteException 
    Sets the vertical alignment for cells with this style
 public  void setWrap(boolean w) throws WriteException 
    Sets the text wrapping for cells with this style. If the parameter is set to TRUE, then data in this cell will be wrapped around, and the cell's height adjusted accordingly