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public final class: File [javadoc | source]
A file of excel data to be written out. All the excel data is held in memory, and when the close method is called a CompoundFile object is used to write the Biff oriented excel data in the CompoundFile format
Field Summary
 CompoundFile readCompoundFile    The read compound file. This will only be non-null if there are macros or other property sets of that ilk which that we should be copying 
 File(OutputStream os,
    WorkbookSettings ws,
    CompoundFile rcf) throws IOException 
    os - the output stream
    ws - the configuration settings for this workbook
    rcf - the rea compound file
Method from jxl.write.biff.File Summary:
close,   getPos,   setData,   setOutputFile,   write
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Method from jxl.write.biff.File Detail:
  void close(boolean cs) throws IOException, JxlWriteException 
    Closes the file. In fact, this writes out all the excel data to disk using a CompoundFile object, and then frees up all the memory allocated to the workbook
 int getPos() throws IOException 
    Gets the current position within the file
  void setData(byte[] newdata,
    int pos) throws IOException 
    Used to manually alter the contents of the written out data. This is used when cross-referencing cell records
 public  void setOutputFile(OutputStream os) throws IOException 
    Sets a new output file. This allows the same workbook to be written to various different output files without having to read in any templates again
 public  void write(ByteData record) throws IOException 
    Adds the biff record data to the memory allocated for this File