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class: Styles [javadoc | source]
A structure containing the styles used by this workbook. This is used to enforce thread safety by tying the default styles to a workbook instance rather than by initializing them statically
 public Styles() 
Method from jxl.write.biff.Styles Summary:
getArial10Pt,   getDefaultDateFormat,   getFormat,   getHiddenStyle,   getHyperlinkFont,   getHyperlinkStyle,   getNormalStyle
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Method from jxl.write.biff.Styles Detail:
 public WritableFont getArial10Pt() 
 public WritableCellFormat getDefaultDateFormat() 
 public XFRecord getFormat(XFRecord wf) 
    Gets the thread safe version of the cell format passed in. If the format is already thread safe (ie. it doesn't use a statically initialized format or font) then the same object is simply returned This object is already tied to a workbook instance, so no synchronisation is necesasry
 public WritableCellFormat getHiddenStyle() 
 public WritableFont getHyperlinkFont() 
 public WritableCellFormat getHyperlinkStyle() 
 public WritableCellFormat getNormalStyle()