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jxl.write.biff: Javadoc index of package jxl.write.biff.

Package Samples:



CompoundFile: Writes out a compound file Header block is -1 Excel data is e..n (where e is the head extension blocks, normally 0 and n is at least 8) Summary information (8 blocks) Document summary (8 blocks) BBD is block p..q (where p=e+n+16 and q-p+1 is the number of BBD blocks) Property storage block is q+b...r (normally 1 block) (where b is the number of BBD blocks)
CellValue: Abstract class which stores the common data used for cells, such as row, column and formatting information. Any record which directly represents the contents of a cell, such as labels and numbers, are derived from this class data store
SheetWriter: Contains the functionality necessary for writing out a sheet. Originally this was incorporated in WritableSheetImpl, but was moved out into a dedicated class in order to reduce the over bloated nature of that class
File: A file of excel data to be written out. All the excel data is held in memory, and when the close method is called a CompoundFile object is used to write the Biff oriented excel data in the CompoundFile format
ExtendedSSTRecord: Indicates an extension to the Shared String Table. Currently this contains blank records Thanks to Guenther for contributing a proper implementation of the EXTSST record, replacing my previous dummy version
Styles: A structure containing the styles used by this workbook. This is used to enforce thread safety by tying the default styles to a workbook instance rather than by initializing them statically
ReadFormulaRecord: A formula record. This is invoked when copying a formula from a read only spreadsheet This method implements the FormulaData interface to allow the copying of writable sheets
WritableFonts: A container for the list of fonts used in this workbook The writable subclass instantiates the predetermined list of fonts available to users of the writable API
WritableFormattingRecords: Handles the Format and XF record indexing. The writable subclass instantiates the predetermined list of XF records and formats present in every Excel Workbook
MergedCells: Contains all the merged cells, and the necessary logic for checking for intersections and for handling very large amounts of merging
WritableFontRecord: A writable Font record. This class intercepts any set accessor calls and throws and exception if the Font is already initialized
WritableSheetImpl: A writable sheet. This class contains implementation of all the writable sheet methods which may be invoke by the API
SupbookRecord: Stores the supporting workbook information. For files written by JExcelApi this will only reference internal sheets
DSFRecord: Stores a flag which indicates whether the file is a double stream file. For files written by JExcelAPI, this FALSE
PasswordRecord: A password record. Thanks to Michael Matthews for sending me the code to actually store the password for the sheet
RefreshAllRecord: Record which indicates whether or not data ranges and pivot tables should be refreshed when the workbook is loaded
DBCellRecord: Indexes the first row record of the block and each individual cell. This is invoked by the sheets write process
UsesElfsRecord: Stores the flag which indicates whether the version of excel can understand natural language input for formulae
ColumnsExceededException: Exception thrown when attempting to add a column to a spreadsheet which has already reached the maximum amount
RowsExceededException: Exception thrown when attempting to add a row to a spreadsheet which has already reached the maximum amount
NumberRecord: The record which contains numerical values. All values are stored as 64bit IEEE floating point values
WriteAccessRecord: The name used when Excel was installed. When writing worksheets, this is hard coded as Java Excel API
SharedStrings: The list of available shared strings. This class contains the labels used for the entire spreadsheet
FooterRecord: Places a string at the bottom of each page when the file is printed. JExcelApi sets this to be blank
StringRecord: Stores the string result of a formula calculation. This record occurs immediately after the formula

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