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Class FKEditor  view FKEditor download

  extended byjavatools.db.DbConstraint
      extended bymedi.base.FKEditor

public class FKEditor
extends javatools.db.DbConstraint

Represents the constraint for EDITOR table.


Field Summary
Fields inherited from class javatools.db.DbConstraint
automaticChecking, canDoUpdate, CASCADE, cloned, constraintEmulation, constraints, currentOperation, defaultValues, DELETE_OPERATION, deleteCascadeChildren, deleteOperations, DO_NOTHING, fatherColsChildren, fatherRecords, fatherTables, fatherTablesColumns, fromList, INSERT_OPERATION, intoList, refColsChildren, refColumns, refs, searchSets, selector, SET_DEFAULT, SET_NULL, sonIndexes, sonsWhere, sonTables, table, UPDATE_CASCADE, UPDATE_OPERATION, updateCascadeChildren, updateFromLists, updateIntoLists, updateOperations, where
Constructor Summary
FKEditor(javatools.db.DbAbstractTable tbl)
          Creates new FKEditor.
Method Summary
 void check(int operation)
          Checks if the specified operation can be made.
 void setEditorTelephoneNoTable(EditorTelephoneNo tbl, int index)
          Sets EditorTelephoneNo table.
 void setPublishedTable(Published tbl, int index)
          Sets the Published table.
 int update(int operation)
          Checks (if automatic checking is set) and updates, performing the operation.
Methods inherited from class javatools.db.DbConstraint
build, checkChildren, checkFathers, checkThis, clear, clone, getAutomaticChecking, getConstraintEmulation, getDefaultValues, getDeleteOperation, getFatherColumns, getFatherTable, getFatherTablesCount, getRefColumns, getSonFatherIndex, getSonTable, getSonTablesCount, getTable, getUpdateOperation, initLists, initStaticLists, setAutomaticChecking, setConstraintEmulation, setSelector, setValueLists, setWhere, updateThis
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public FKEditor(javatools.db.DbAbstractTable tbl)
Creates new FKEditor.

Method Detail


public void setPublishedTable(Published tbl,
                              int index)
Sets the Published table.


public void setEditorTelephoneNoTable(EditorTelephoneNo tbl,
                                      int index)
Sets EditorTelephoneNo table.


public void check(int operation)
           throws javatools.db.DbException
Checks if the specified operation can be made.


public int update(int operation)
           throws javatools.db.DbException
Checks (if automatic checking is set) and updates, performing the operation.