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myComponents: Javadoc index of package myComponents.

Package Samples:



DoubleBoundedRangeModel: This class is an extension to DefaultBoundedRangeModel which allows the range to be over double-sized floating point numbers. In order to maintain the standard interface of BoundedRangeModel, this class stores numbers only to a desired precision. When one of the methods defined by the BoundedRangeModel interface are called, they return their expected value multiplied by 10^precision. There are also accessor methods to set and retrieve the actual floating point numbers. I chose to extend DefaultBoundedRangeModel rather than implementing BoundedRangeModel to avoid rewriting code for the event handlers. ...
JDoubleSlider: Creates a slider which operates on a range of doubles instead of ints. This actually uses a little trickery so that the JSlider class didn't have to be rewritten. All values are actually stored as integers, and multiplied or divided by a multiplier to translate from the underlaying Slider's methods that deal with integers and this objects methods that deal with doubles. The multiplier is a power of 10, and determines the accuracy of the slider.
imageToggleButton: Wraps a JToggleButton, giving it an ImageIcon which shares the image data of an ImageGenerator. Implements the ChangeListener interface so the button will update along with the ImageGenerator. Also, adds a method to retrieve the imageGenerator used to create the icon.
JDoubleField: Extends JTextField, allowing only numbers to be entered. These numbers may be floating point (double, specifically), but are restricted to a specified range.
JDoubleFieldSlider: Combines a JDoubleSlider and JDoubleField into a single component, binding each component's data together. This isn't really a JComponent, it's a JPanel.
JIntegerField: Extension of JTextField that only accepts positive Integer values.

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