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Abstract Classes:

AbstractSpinner   AbstractSpinner is an abstract spinner for various things.  code | html
NewItemChooserDialog   NewItemChooserDialog is an abstract Chooser dialog with a "New" button that calls this classes makeNewItem() to make a new item.  code | html


ActionPanel   ActionPanel is a kiwi ButtonPanel which lets you add Actions to it, rather than just buttons.  code | html
CalendarSpinner   CalendarSpinner spins a field in a Calendar object.  code | html
DatabaseItemTableModel   DatabaseItemTableModel is a table model for a single DatabaseItem.  code | html
DateRenderer   DateRenderer is a TableCellRender which displays dates in some date format.  code | html
FormatRenderer   FormatRenderer is a TableCellRender which displays numbers in format format.  code | html
MessageRenderer   MessageRenderer is a TableCellRender which displays messages in some message format.  code | html
NumberRenderer   NumberRenderer is a TableCellRender which displays numbers in some number format.  code | html
PhoneMachinePanel   PhoneMachinePanel watches the voice and fax spool directories for new files, and has a simple user interface for playing voice messages, or displaying faxes.  code | html
SETIPanel   SETIPanel watches state.* files from the seti@home Unix software.  code | html
SpoolViewer   SpoolViewer is a dialog for displaying a SortedVector of files, using a specified command.  code | html
SpoolViewerPanel   SpoolViewerPanel is a panel which displays controls for viewing files in a vector, using a given command.  code | html
SpoolViewerPanel.MessagePlayer     code | html
SpoolViewerPanel.NextAction     code | html
SpoolViewerPanel.PlayAction     code | html
SpoolViewerPanel.PrevAction     code | html