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abstract public class: CamlData [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    Map, List, Data

Class that encpsulates data that come from a file saved by Caml
Nested Class Summary:
public static class  CamlData.List   
public static class  CamlData.Map   
public static class  CamlData.Data   
Method from net.bonzoun.cocodonkey.CamlData Summary:
get,   get,   getBoolean,   getBoolean,   getDouble,   getDouble,   getDouble,   getInt,   getInt,   getInt,   getString,   getString,   getString,   size
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Method from net.bonzoun.cocodonkey.CamlData Detail:
 public CamlData get(int i) 
 public CamlData get(String key) 
 public boolean getBoolean(int i) 
 public boolean getBoolean(String key) 
 public double getDouble() 
 public double getDouble(int i) 
 public double getDouble(String key) 
 public int getInt() 
 public int getInt(int i) 
 public int getInt(String key) 
 public String getString() 
 public String getString(int i) 
 public String getString(String key) 
 public int size()