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public class: SearchParser [javadoc | source]
Nested Class Summary:
public class  SearchParser.BinOperator   
Fields inherited from net.bonzoun.cocodonkey.StringParser:
 public SearchParser(String s) 
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addOperator,   isExtended,   leftToBeDone,   parse,   parseNextData,   searchNumber,   stringFor,   stringFor,   toString,   toStringExtended
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getLastChar,   getLastFloat,   getLastInt,   getLastIntUntil,   getLastString,   getLastStringUntil,   getNextChar,   getNextFloat,   getNextInt,   getNextIntUntil,   getNextString,   getNextStringUntil,   getRemainingString,   goAfter,   goBefore,   hasMoreData,   parseFloat,   parseInt,   stringContainsOnly,   testLastChar,   testNextChar
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Method from net.bonzoun.cocodonkey.SearchParser Detail:
 protected  void addOperator(BinOperator binOp) 
 public boolean isExtended() 
 public int leftToBeDone() 
 protected  void parse() 
    Parses a search definition step, ie xxx AND xxx *
 protected  void parseNextData() 
    Parses a search data step, ie CONTAINS[xxx] or [xxx]CONTAINS[xxx] or [xxx]xx999
 public int searchNumber() 
 public String stringFor(String key) 
    Returns the value for the given option, "" if the option is not set
 public String stringFor(String key,
    String sop) 
 public String toString() 
 public String toStringExtended()