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Sub Packages:



TokenMatcher   The TokenMatcher interface represents a test on a TransducerBuffer position.  code | html


BoundaryMatcher   This TokenMatcher checks whether its position is at a boundary of the word.  code | html
CharMatcher   A very simple, yet necessary TokenMatcher implementation that checks for a specific char in the TransducerBuffer.  code | html
NegativeMatcher   The NegativeMatcher is a TokenMatcher that decorates another one, and changes its result : true becomes false, and false become true.  code | html
Processor   The Processor is the main object that transforms a string using a set of transducers objects.  code | html
RangeMatcher   Check for a set of chars at a TransducerBuffer position.  code | html
Rule   A rule object is a single processing rule, which defines a string to match, but also a right and a left context, along with the replacement string.  code | html
Transducer   A Transducer is a complete set of rule that are applied on each character of a string to process.  code | html
TransducerBuffer   A TransducerBuffer stores a string that is to be processed by a Transducer object, but also its current position and the output string of the transducer.  code | html
TransducerBuffer.OutOfBoundException     code | html