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AnimatedIcon     code | html

Abstract Classes:

BaseConnection   Base class for connections in a "Boxes and Lines" UI.  code | html
BaseLayoutManager   Base class for Layout manager in a "Boxes and Lines" UI.  code | html
BaseUICanvas   Base class for UICanvas for a "Boxes and Lines" UI.  code | html


BaseAgentIcon   Terminology: Image - the picture to be displayed Icon - the image and the border together  code | html
BaseGraphicalArrow   BaseGraphicalArrow is more complicated - it has to deal with rendering Briefly, an arrow is several things: A coloured line between two AgentIcons to show a connection exists Two coloured arrowheads to show the age of that half of the link Dots to show magic packets travelling along.  code | html
CellListCanvas   Panel showing the cells being monitored and this information about them: - uptime - colored border legend - name - displaying icons or not (can be set) NOTE: This currently does not display the uptimes of remote cells.  code | html
GraphicalConnectionArrow   Simplest graphical arrow representing agent connections, just like from AWTUIAgentImpl.  code | html
IconicUIAgentImpl   The UIAgent for a boxes and lines style GUI.  code | html
IconicUICanvas   UICanvas for a "Boxes and Lines" UI.  code | html
IconicUILayoutManager   The default layout manager for IconicUIAgent.  code | html
SmallAgentIcon     code | html