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Sub Packages:



ActionCommand   Action command interface for popup menu items or their non-graphical equivalents in hive.  code | html
Agent   the base remote interface for all agents.  code | html
DJAgent   Interface for DJAgent  code | html
DisplayExportingAgent   the point of this interface is to return an agent which can connect back to the agent which implements this interface.  code | html
EventReceivingAgent   Interface for agents that receive events from other agents.  code | html
EventReceivingDescription   this interface is used so the event receiving agent can list the objects that it can respond to best.  code | html
EventSendingAgent   Interface for agents that send events to other agents.  code | html
EventSendingErrorListener     code | html
EventTransceivingAgent   An agent that can both send and receive events.  code | html
ExternalInterfaceAgent     code | html
FloatSourceAgent     code | html
TwoWayConnectionAgent     code | html

Abstract Classes:

AgentImpl   Base class for Hive agent implementations.  code | html
EventReceivingAgentImpl   Base class for agents that listen to events on one host.  code | html
EventSendingAgentImpl   Base class for event sending agents.  code | html
EventTransceivingAgentImpl   Support for agents that both send and receive agents.  code | html
EventTranslatingAgentImpl   Support for agents that receive events, translate them, and rebroadcast them.  code | html
SignalPassthrough   An adapter class between shadow signals and agent events.  code | html
TwoWayConnectionAgentImpl   $Id: TwoWayConnectionAgentImpl.java,v 1.1 2000/05/18 22:00:49 tucker Exp $ Agent that creates a two way connection for events between itself and its subscriber.  code | html


AgentInitializationException     code | html
AgentNotFoundException   this is the counterpart to the agent not found exception  code | html
AgentUnableToBirthException     code | html
CameraDemoAgentImpl     code | html
ConnectAgentHelper   Helper class for ConnectAgentHelper interface; agent implementations can delegate methods to this class.  code | html
DJAgentImpl     code | html
EventMaskWrapper     code | html
EventSendingHelper   Helper class for EventSendingAgent interface; agent implementations can delegate methods to this class.  code | html
ExternalInterfaceAgentImpl   this agent sits on top of the ExternalInterfaceShadow, and spits the ExternalEvent to the specified agent who will presumably know how to handle that event, or can "translate" that event into something of more use to other agents  code | html
GenericSignalPassthroughAgentImpl   An agent that passes through signals from a shadow as Hive events.  code | html