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RemoteCell   The interface visible for a remote server  code | html


AgentDeliveryException     code | html
AgentDescriptionPair   This class is used to transport an agent around with its own description.  code | html
AgentThreadGroup   Wrapper for thread group to have our own error output on uncaught exceptions.  code | html
Cell   A server implementation for Hive.  code | html
Cell.AgentGatekeeper   this is the object which will deny or accept different agents on the basis of a flag which tells us whether we can accept agents, or whether or not the agent has the proper tokens.  code | html
Cell.AgentTable   this is a table holding all the information about the agents on the system -- this maintains the mapping between the real agent, and its stub.  code | html
Cell.ShadowTable   this is just simpler than doing the synchronization and stuff inside the Cell.java  code | html
CellCommand     code | html
DenyMobileAgentException   use this to signal that this cell is rejecting the mobile agent  code | html
FilteringRuleConstructionException     code | html
FirewallingFilteringRule     code | html
FirewallingSecurityManager     code | html
HiveRMIRegistry     code | html
HiveSecurityManager   this security manager is the default manager that hive will run with.  code | html
MobileAgentInputStream   A class that handles codebase annotation to do mobile agents.  code | html
MobileAgentOutputStream   A class that handles codebase annotation to do mobile agents.  code | html
QueryAgentsHelper   This class is a helper class to off load the work for querying agents from the Cell and the AgentMonitoringAgent  code | html