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Sub Packages:


Abstract Classes:

BaseCanvas     code | html


AgentGraph     code | html
AgentGraphEdge   This is basically a struct that is used to represent a connection between two agents in the graph  code | html
CellAddress   This immutable class represents the URL of a Hive Cell.  code | html
CellConnectException   This is used as a generic exception to be thrown at certain times -- it will be encapsulating the real exception in this case  code | html
Debug   The Debug class implements a simple debugging facility.  code | html
IconLoader     code | html
ImageEvent   This class embodies immutable messages that are sent from a an ImageSource to it's listeners.  code | html
ImageRingBuffer   This class is a fixed size data structure that contains serializable images.  code | html
Link   Internal data structure for the queue.  code | html
MalformedHiveURLException     code | html
Null     code | html
PPM   Each instance of this class represents an image stored as an array of ints in ARGB format.  code | html
Queue   This is a simple Queue (FIFO) data structure. It makes no attempt at type safety.  code | html
SerializableImage   Each instance of this class represents an image stored as an array of ints.  code | html
UnknownVariablePropertyName     code | html
VariablePropertyManipulationException   this exception is the general exception for hive "bean" related problems  code | html
VariablePropertyManipulator   this class is meant to give access to the variables that can be set and unset in the bean style method calls on a certain class (mostly agents, but whatever)  code | html
VariablePropertyManipulatorGUI     code | html