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Sub Packages:



AnalysedEnvironment   Environment for Intermediate Representation Repository for all AnalysedType  code | html
AnalysedExpression   Intermediate Representation of an expression base interface for all expressions  code | html
AnalysedExpressionAllocation   Intermediate Representation of an allocation expression  code | html
AnalysedExpressionArrayAllocation   Intermediate Representation of an array allocation e.g.  code | html
AnalysedExpressionEnclosing   Intermediate Representation of an access to an enclosing instance Has only a signification in a non static nested class  code | html
AnalysedExpressionInstanceOf   Intermediate Representation of InstanceOf keyword  code | html
AnalysedExpressionLiteral   Intermediate representation of a literal  code | html
AnalysedExpressionMember   Intermediate Representation of member access  code | html
AnalysedExpressionMethodCall   Intermediate representation of a method call  code | html
AnalysedExpressionThis   Intermediate representation of an expression using this  code | html
AnalysedExpressionVariable   Intermediate representation of an expression referencing a variable  code | html
AnalysedField   Intermediate Representation of field  code | html
AnalysedMethod   Intermediate Representation of an AnalysedMethod  code | html
AnalysedNode   Base interface to allow all implementing classes to be visitable  code | html
AnalysedNodeVisitor   Visitor over AnalysedNode  code | html
AnalysedStatement   Intermediate Representation of a statement This is a base interface for all statements  code | html
AnalysedStatementBlock   Intermediate Representation of a Block statement  code | html
AnalysedStatementCatch   Intermediate Representation of catch statement  code | html
AnalysedStatementConditionalJump   Intermediate Representation of a Conditional Jump A conditional jump is an expression that produce a jump to a certain label under a couple of condition \note will be used later for control flow analysis  code | html
AnalysedStatementExpression   Intermediate Representation of a StatementExpression  code | html
AnalysedStatementJump   Intermediate Representation of a jump statement  code | html
AnalysedStatementLabel   Intermediate Representation of a label A label is used to control program flow  code | html
AnalysedStatementReturn   Intermediate Representation of a return statement  code | html
AnalysedStatementThrow   Intermediate Representation of a Throw Statement  code | html
AnalysedStatementTry   Intermediate Representation of a try statement  code | html
AnalysedType   Intermediate Representation of a Type  code | html
AnalysedVariable   Intermediate Representation of a live variable  code | html
Driver   Drive the code generation  code | html
RTPossibleTypes   Static Runtime Representation of all possible types an instance can take After polymorphism analysis, all code is followed to retrieve Static Runtime Type Information (yes at compil time)  code | html
RTPossibleTypesFactory   A factory to build a RTPossibleTypes  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractAnalysedNodeVisitorImpl     code | html


AnalysedEnvironmentImpl     code | html
AnalysedExpressionAllocationImpl     code | html
AnalysedExpressionArrayAllocationImpl     code | html
AnalysedExpressionEnclosingImpl     code | html
AnalysedExpressionInstanceOfImpl     code | html
AnalysedExpressionLiteralImpl     code | html
AnalysedExpressionMemberImpl     code | html
AnalysedExpressionMethodCallImpl     code | html
AnalysedExpressionThisImpl     code | html
AnalysedExpressionVariableImpl     code | html
AnalysedFieldImpl     code | html
AnalysedMethodImpl     code | html
AnalysedStatementBlockImpl     code | html
AnalysedStatementCatchImpl     code | html
AnalysedStatementConditionalJumpImpl     code | html
AnalysedStatementExpressionImpl     code | html
AnalysedStatementJumpImpl     code | html
AnalysedStatementLabelImpl     code | html
AnalysedStatementReturnImpl     code | html
AnalysedStatementThrowImpl     code | html
AnalysedStatementTryImpl     code | html
AnalysedTypeImpl     code | html
AnalysedVariableImpl     code | html
RTPossibleTypesFactoryImpl     code | html
RTPossibleTypesFactoryImpl.RTPossibleTypesArray     code | html
RTPossibleTypesFactoryImpl.RTPossibleTypesList     code | html
RTPossibleTypesFactoryImpl.RTPossibleTypesScalar     code | html