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ApplicationContext   Manage properties for an application
A property is an option passed to the program being launched
It can be passed in several ways :
  • In a classic java property file
  • On the command line

Here we provide several facilities :
  • Declare the list of properties available (including property type, property default value, property description)
  • Load the property file
  • Use the properties
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CompilerProcessor     code | html
Environment   An environment
In fact a set of environment we have chose to regroup here.
You will find here
  • the Type Constructor Environment
  • the Type Environment
  • the Variable Environment
  • the Error repository
  • the Analysed Environement
  • the code generator driver
  • the compiler processor
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ErrorRepository     code | html
FileLoader   Load for us a file
Will iterate through all source path defined in the properties
to find class named className (package + className) 
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ApplicationContext.PropertyException     code | html
ApplicationContext.PropertyNotFoundException     code | html
ApplicationContext.PropertyTypeMismatchException     code | html
ApplicationContextImpl     code | html
ApplicationContextImpl.Property     code | html
EnvironmentImpl     code | html
ErrorRepositoryImpl     code | html
ErrorRepositoryImpl.Message     code | html
FileLoaderImpl     code | html
PropertyTypeEnum     code | html
SerialCompilerProcessorImpl     code | html