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Browsable   Interfaces for all browsable nodes in Nosica
All nodes of the abstract syntax tree are browsable.
The main difference between Browsable and Visitable
is that Visitable if manual (you have to visit all node by hand)
Browsable if automatic : all nodes are automatically visited
(but it is not always what you want, depend on the order you want) 
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Localizable   All nodes of the abstract syntax tree are localizable
That is, they can create a String detailing where they are defined
It generally include fileName, line Number and col number 
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Visitable   Interface for all Visitable nodes in Nosica All nodes of our abstract syntax tree are Visitable  code | html
Visitor   Interface for all visitor in Nosica
I will not explain you what a visitor is
If you don't know what it is, search the internet !! :-) 
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