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ActiveCaughtExceptionEnvironment   Environment for all caught exceptions  code | html
Field   Represents a Field  code | html
FieldFactory   Factory of Field.  code | html
FormalType   Represents a type or a sub context  code | html
FormalTypeFactory   Responsible for creating FormalType implementations This can be either
  • ResolvedFormalType : a known type
  • UnresolvedFormalType : a FormalType whose type has not been resolved yet
  • DynamicFormalType : a type that can be matched against a father or a child (unused)
  • TypeRangeFormalType : a type that can be one of a list of given types (unused)
  • SubFormalType : a Sub context : means we are waiting for no type
code | html
MapVariableEnvironmentImpl.UndoAction     code | html
Method   Interface of a method By "method", one must understanf all kind of method :
  • constructor
  • cast operators
  • operators
  • method
  • properties
  • destructor
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Symbol   Base class for all objects that are imported in one of the symbol tables (in fact, either a type or a method)  code | html
Type   Representation of a type (class or interface)
  • attributes
  • constructor
  • methods
  • operators
  • cast operators
  • properties
  • destructor

A Type is the representation of a concrete Type as in "int" or "Singleton<Factory<Dummy>>"
All types are first created as a TypeConstructor, then instantiated into a Type 
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Type.FieldAndType   An interface describing the requested field and which type really possess it (because call are forwarded from nested to enclosing)  code | html
TypeEnvironment   A repository of all already parsed and known Type
A Type is first loaded as a TypeConstructor, when we really know its type
It is transformed into a Type, and put here. 
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TypeEnvironment.AddTypeCallBack   The AddTypeCallBack interface
Contains only a method typeAdded 
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TypeName   complete name of a type It includes several information
  • package name
  • class name
  • dimension information
  • genericity
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Variable   Represents a live Variable  code | html
VariableEnvironment   Manage the list of live variable during type check (has nothing to do in this package though) Note : The save/restore methods act pretty like a stack You must call save before calling restore With these two methods you can manage the scope during type check  code | html
VariableFactory   A Factory to create variable Here one can create several kinds of variables :
  • resolved variable
  • unresolved variable : whose type is not yet resolved but will get soon
  • dynamic variable : unused
  • type range variable : unused
  • sub Variable : representing a sub context : where we don't wait at all a variable
  • property set variable : a variable representing in fact a property set method
  • property set arr y variable : a variable representing in fact a property set array method
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Abstract Classes:

AbstractFormalTypeImpl     code | html
AbstractVariableImpl     code | html
FieldFactoryImpl.AbstractFieldImpl     code | html
SymbolImpl     code | html


ActiveCaughtExceptionEnvironmentImpl     code | html
FieldFactoryImpl     code | html
FieldFactoryImpl.PropertyGetField     code | html
FieldFactoryImpl.PropertySetArrayField     code | html
FieldFactoryImpl.PropertySetField     code | html
FieldFactoryImpl.ResolvedField     code | html
FormalTypeFactoryImpl     code | html
FormalTypeFactoryImpl.DynamicFormalType     code | html
FormalTypeFactoryImpl.ResolvedFormalType     code | html
FormalTypeFactoryImpl.SubFormalType     code | html
FormalTypeFactoryImpl.TypeRangeFormalType     code | html
FormalTypeFactoryImpl.UnresolvedFormalType     code | html
MapVariableEnvironmentImpl     code | html
MapVariableEnvironmentImpl.RemoveVariable     code | html
MapVariableEnvironmentImpl.ReplaceVariable     code | html
MethodAndWeight     code | html
MethodImpl     code | html
TypeEnvironmentImpl     code | html
TypeEnvironmentImpl.DefaultAddTypeCallBack     code | html
TypeImpl     code | html
TypeImpl.FieldAndTypeImpl     code | html
TypeImpl.MethodIterator     code | html
TypeNameImpl     code | html
VariableEnvironmentImpl     code | html
VariableFactoryImpl     code | html
VariableFactoryImpl.DynamicVariable     code | html
VariableFactoryImpl.PropertySetArrayVariable     code | html
VariableFactoryImpl.PropertySetVariable     code | html
VariableFactoryImpl.ResolvedVariable     code | html
VariableFactoryImpl.SubVariable     code | html
VariableFactoryImpl.TypeRangeVariable     code | html
VariableFactoryImpl.UnresolvedVariable     code | html
WeightedMatch   Used for type checking, this class is used when one want to resolve a method call.  code | html