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FieldConstructor   Represents a Field.  code | html
FormalTypeConstructor   A formal type This is the representation of a type (plus array information and genericity)  code | html
MethodConstructor   Represents all possible type of method, that is :
  • Operator
  • Cast Operator
  • Constructor
  • Destructor
  • Method
  • PropertyGet
  • PropertySet
  • PropertyGetArray
  • PropertySetArray
type of method is listed in getMethodType() 
code | html
SymbolConstructor   An object that can be created provided you give a list of instantiated type That is, an object that introduces new generic parameter within its scope  code | html
TypeConstructor   an object representing a type that can construct other types this level has been added to handle genericity the path goes from CompilationUnit to a TypeConstructor (that can be generic or not) then this constructor type can construct a real type (that will not be generic anymore)  code | html
TypeConstructorEnvironment   Environment of TypeConstructor Every TypeConstructor in this environment can instantiates real type (that is a non generic type, @SEE TypeConstructor@) A real type will then be added To TypeEnvironment and will be type checked  code | html
TypeNameConstructor   Full representation of a type Contains everything : package class name array information genericity parameters  code | html
VariableConstructor   Represents a variable  code | html

Abstract Classes:

SymbolConstructorImpl     code | html


FieldConstructorImpl     code | html
FormalTypeConstructorImpl     code | html
MethodConstructorImpl     code | html
TypeConstructorEnvironmentImpl     code | html
TypeConstructorImpl     code | html
TypeNameConstructorImpl     code | html
VariableConstructorImpl     code | html