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Sub Packages:



AccessModifier   Represents access rights  code | html
Accessible   Interface for all symbols that can be protected by (public / protected / private / package) access  code | html
Analyser   Sugar between TypeChecking phase and Analysed phase
TypeChecking phase resolve all symbols, all types, all that can be type checked.
In parallel, the type checker produce a simpler abstract syntax tree, suitable for
further tests, code generation and so on.

This interface is a gate between the type check world and the Analysed one.
All dependencies between these two layers should be concentrated here. 
code | html
GenericitySolver   Sugar between layer Constructor and Constructed
This handles genericity
All dependencies between these two layers should be put here. 
code | html
MethodDisplayerHook     code | html
ParsedStatus     code | html


AccessModifierImpl     code | html
AnalyserImpl     code | html
AnalyserImpl.AnalysedCallBack     code | html
GenericitySolverImpl     code | html
MethodDisplayer     code | html
MethodTypeEnum     code | html
SymbolAlreadyExistsException     code | html
TypeEnum     code | html
UnrecoverableSymbolicException     code | html