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Sub Packages:


Abstract Classes:

BrowserView     code | html


AllTests   Database package test suite  code | html
ApplicationFrame   Main Window of the Bloof Application  code | html
BrowserButton     code | html
BrowserMenuItem     code | html
ConfigFile   Manges the configuration file of Bloof Browser  code | html
DialogAbout   Shows the About information  code | html
DialogDatabaseAdd     code | html
DialogExportResult     code | html
DialogImportProject   Dialog for specifying SCM access information and starting the SCM access data use case  code | html
DialogOpenProject   Opens an existing Bloof project  code | html
DialogRunMetric   Dialog for running a metric  code | html
DialogSqlMetric     code | html
DialogTimespan   Dialog for specifying a time span  code | html
GuiConstants   This interface holds all constants needed by Bloof GUI  code | html
GuiController   Acts as the controller of the gui, interacting between model and view  code | html
GuiFactory   Factory for standard GUI components  code | html
ImageLoader   Loads the image files and serves them as java images  code | html
Main   Bloof Main Class; it starts the Application  code | html
MainFrame     code | html
MainTestSuite   Main JUnit Test suite containing all tests for Bloof.  code | html
MainView   Main Window of the Bloof Application  code | html
MetricResult   Container for a result of a metric  code | html
Project     code | html

All Test Cases:

ConfigParserTest     code | html
FileTreeGeneratorTest     code | html
GuiControllerTest     code | html