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Abstract Classes:

CvsConnection   Defines a connection with a CVS server.  code | html


CvsAccess   Container for access information in order to access a CVS repository  code | html
CvsConnectionException   Exception that can happen during connecting cvs server  code | html
CvsConnectionMethod   Defines the possible types of connection methods.  code | html
CvsException   The base class for all exceptions relating to CVS problems.  code | html
CvsPlugin   SCM plugin for CVS  code | html
ExternalProcessServerConnection   Defines a server connection to the local machine.  code | html
InvalidRepositoryLocationException   This exception is thrown when the user tries to construct a RepositoryLocation object and the format of the location is invalid.  code | html
LogParser   Parser for a CVS log file  code | html
LogSyntaxException   Exception class for syntax error of CVS logfiles  code | html
LoginDetails   Defines details needed for logging in to servers that require password authorization.  code | html
MindBrightSSHConnection   Defines a server connection via SSH protocol  code | html
MindBrightSSHConnection.ClientUser     code | html
MindBrightSSHConnection.Console   Private class to send on data received from the server so it can be read though the connection's input stream.  code | html
MindBrightSSHConnection.Interactor   Private class which keeps user notified of progress of connection.  code | html
MindBrightSSHConnection.SSHOutputStream     code | html
PServerConnection   Connection method via CVS Pserver protocol  code | html
RepositoryLocation   Defines the location of a repository.  code | html
Revision   Container class for a Revision of a CVS controlled file  code | html
RevisionIterator   SCM Iterator on all revision of the specified CVS module  code | html