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Dispatcher   A dispatcher is responsible for the distribution of a message to a list of subscribers.  code | html
DispatcherProvider   Manages the instance creation of dispatchers.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractDispatcher   Base dispatcher with some helper methods for concrete implementations Created: Sun Jul 21 14:10:32 2002  code | html


AsyncDispatcher   Delivers messages to all subscribers in an asynchronous manner.  code | html
AsyncDispatcher.Worker     code | html
AsyncDispatcherProvider   Manages the instance creation of the AsyncDispatcher  code | html
ChannelConfig   Represents the configuration for a channel, created either from the xml configuration file located from the classpath, or programmatically and added to the MessageBusConfig code | html
CompoundFilter   A filter that evaluates the two given filters and returns true only if the two filters evaluate to true.  code | html
FilterTest.A     code | html
FilterTest.B     code | html
FilterTest.C     code | html
FilterTest.D     code | html
InstanceOfFilter   A filter that determines if the object being evaluated is an instance of the class being filtered for.  code | html
MessageBusConfig   Represents the configuration of the MessageBus controller, including any specific channel configurations that need to be explicity defined.  code | html
MessageBusConfigHelper   Assists the SPI in configuring the MessageBus.  code | html
MessageBusImpl   MessageBus implementation Created: Sun Jul 14 21:51:37 2002  code | html
MessageBusImplTest.SimpleAsyncSubscriber     code | html
MessageBusImplTest.SimpleSubscriber     code | html
SubscriberToken     code | html
SyncDispatcher   Delivers messages to all subscribers in a synchronous manner.  code | html
SyncDispatcherProvider   Manages the instance creation of the SyncDispatcher  code | html

All Test Cases:

FilterTest   Unit Test for the various filterc classes  code | html
MessageBusImplTest   Unit Test for the MessageBusImpl Class  code | html