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public class: CodeEmitter [javadoc | source]
Field Summary
public static final  int ADD     
public static final  int MUL     
public static final  int XOR     
public static final  int USHR     
public static final  int SUB     
public static final  int DIV     
public static final  int NEG     
public static final  int REM     
public static final  int AND     
public static final  int OR     
public static final  int GT     
public static final  int LT     
public static final  int GE     
public static final  int LE     
public static final  int NE     
public static final  int EQ     
Fields inherited from net.sf.cglib.core.LocalVariablesSorter:
 public CodeEmitter(CodeEmitter wrap) 
 CodeEmitter(ClassEmitter ce,
    MethodVisitor mv,
    int access,
    Signature sig,
    Type[] exceptionTypes) 
Method from net.sf.cglib.core.CodeEmitter Summary:
aaload,   aaload,   aastore,   aconst_null,   array_load,   array_store,   arraylength,   athrow,   begin_block,   box,   cast_numeric,   catch_exception,   checkcast,   checkcast_this,   create_arg_array,   dup,   dup2,   dup2_x1,   dup2_x2,   dup_x1,   dup_x2,   emit_field,   end_method,   getClassEmitter,   getMethodInfo,   getReturnType,   getSignature,   getfield,   getfield,   getstatic,   goTo,   if_cmp,   if_icmp,   if_jump,   ifnonnull,   ifnull,   iinc,   instance_of,   instance_of_this,   invoke,   invoke,   invoke_constructor,   invoke_constructor,   invoke_constructor_this,   invoke_constructor_this,   invoke_interface,   invoke_static,   invoke_static_this,   invoke_virtual,   invoke_virtual_this,   isStaticHook,   load_arg,   load_args,   load_args,   load_local,   load_this,   make_label,   make_local,   make_local,   mark,   mark,   math,   monitorenter,   monitorexit,   new_instance,   new_instance_this,   newarray,   newarray,   not,   pop,   pop2,   process_switch,   process_switch,   push,   push,   push,   push,   push,   push,   putfield,   putfield,   putstatic,   return_value,   store_local,   super_getfield,   super_getstatic,   super_invoke,   super_invoke,   super_invoke_constructor,   super_invoke_constructor,   super_putfield,   super_putstatic,   swap,   swap,   throw_exception,   unbox,   unbox_or_zero,   visitMaxs,   zero_or_null
Methods from net.sf.cglib.core.LocalVariablesSorter:
newLocal,   visitIincInsn,   visitLocalVariable,   visitMaxs,   visitVarInsn
Methods from java.lang.Object:
equals,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from net.sf.cglib.core.CodeEmitter Detail:
 public  void aaload() 
 public  void aaload(int index) 
 public  void aastore() 
 public  void aconst_null() 
 public  void array_load(Type type) 
 public  void array_store(Type type) 
 public  void arraylength() 
 public  void athrow() 
 public Block begin_block() 
 public  void box(Type type) 
    If the argument is a primitive class, replaces the primitive value on the top of the stack with the wrapped (Object) equivalent. For example, char -> Character. If the class is Void, a null is pushed onto the stack instead.
 public  void cast_numeric(Type from,
    Type to) 
    Casts from one primitive numeric type to another
 public  void catch_exception(Block block,
    Type exception) 
 public  void checkcast(Type type) 
 public  void checkcast_this() 
 public  void create_arg_array() 
    Allocates and fills an Object[] array with the arguments to the current method. Primitive values are inserted as their boxed (Object) equivalents.
 public  void dup() 
 public  void dup2() 
 public  void dup2_x1() 
 public  void dup2_x2() 
 public  void dup_x1() 
 public  void dup_x2() 
  void emit_field(int opcode,
    Type ctype,
    String name,
    Type ftype) 
 public  void end_method() 
 public ClassEmitter getClassEmitter() 
 public MethodInfo getMethodInfo() 
 public Type getReturnType() 
 public Signature getSignature() 
 public  void getfield(String name) 
 public  void getfield(Type owner,
    String name,
    Type type) 
 public  void getstatic(Type owner,
    String name,
    Type type) 
 public  void goTo(Label label) 
 public  void if_cmp(Type type,
    int mode,
    Label label) 
 public  void if_icmp(int mode,
    Label label) 
 public  void if_jump(int mode,
    Label label) 
 public  void ifnonnull(Label label) 
 public  void ifnull(Label label) 
 public  void iinc(Local local,
    int amount) 
 public  void instance_of(Type type) 
 public  void instance_of_this() 
 public  void invoke(MethodInfo method) 
 public  void invoke(MethodInfo method,
    Type virtualType) 
 public  void invoke_constructor(Type type) 
 public  void invoke_constructor(Type type,
    Signature sig) 
 public  void invoke_constructor_this() 
 public  void invoke_constructor_this(Signature sig) 
 public  void invoke_interface(Type owner,
    Signature sig) 
 public  void invoke_static(Type owner,
    Signature sig) 
 public  void invoke_static_this(Signature sig) 
 public  void invoke_virtual(Type owner,
    Signature sig) 
 public  void invoke_virtual_this(Signature sig) 
 public boolean isStaticHook() 
 public  void load_arg(int index) 
    Pushes the specified argument of the current method onto the stack.
 public  void load_args() 
    Pushes all of the arguments of the current method onto the stack.
 public  void load_args(int fromArg,
    int count) 
 public  void load_local(Local local) 
 public  void load_this() 
 public Label make_label() 
 public Local make_local() 
 public Local make_local(Type type) 
 Label mark() 
 public  void mark(Label label) 
 public  void math(int op,
    Type type) 
 public  void monitorenter() 
 public  void monitorexit() 
 public  void new_instance(Type type) 
 public  void new_instance_this() 
 public  void newarray() 
 public  void newarray(Type type) 
 public  void not() 
    Toggles the integer on the top of the stack from 1 to 0 or vice versa
 public  void pop() 
 public  void pop2() 
 public  void process_switch(int[] keys,
    ProcessSwitchCallback callback) 
 public  void process_switch(int[] keys,
    ProcessSwitchCallback callback,
    boolean useTable) 
 public  void push(int i) 
 public  void push(long value) 
 public  void push(float value) 
 public  void push(double value) 
 public  void push(String value) 
 public  void push(boolean value) 
 public  void putfield(String name) 
 public  void putfield(Type owner,
    String name,
    Type type) 
 public  void putstatic(Type owner,
    String name,
    Type type) 
 public  void return_value() 
 public  void store_local(Local local) 
 public  void super_getfield(String name,
    Type type) 
 public  void super_getstatic(String name,
    Type type) 
 public  void super_invoke() 
 public  void super_invoke(Signature sig) 
 public  void super_invoke_constructor() 
 public  void super_invoke_constructor(Signature sig) 
 public  void super_putfield(String name,
    Type type) 
 public  void super_putstatic(String name,
    Type type) 
 public  void swap() 
 public  void swap(Type prev,
    Type type) 
 public  void throw_exception(Type type,
    String msg) 
 public  void unbox(Type type) 
    If the argument is a primitive class, replaces the object on the top of the stack with the unwrapped (primitive) equivalent. For example, Character -> char.
 public  void unbox_or_zero(Type type) 
    Unboxes the object on the top of the stack. If the object is null, the unboxed primitive value becomes zero.
 public  void visitMaxs(int maxStack,
    int maxLocals) 
 public  void zero_or_null(Type type) 
    Pushes a zero onto the stack if the argument is a primitive class, or a null otherwise.