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Callback   All callback interfaces used by Enhancer extend this interface.  code | html
CallbackFilter   Map methods of subclasses generated by Enhancer to a particular callback.  code | html
CallbackGenerator     code | html
CallbackGenerator.Context     code | html
Dispatcher   Dispatching Enhancer callback.  code | html
Enhancer.EnhancerKey   Internal interface, only public due to ClassLoader issues.  code | html
Factory   All enhanced instances returned by the Enhancer class implement this interface.  code | html
FixedValue   Enhancer callback that simply returns the value to return from the proxied method.  code | html
InvocationHandler   java.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler replacement (unavailable under JDK 1.2).  code | html
LazyLoader   Lazy-loading Enhancer callback.  code | html
MethodInterceptor   General-purpose Enhancer callback which provides for "around advice".  code | html
Mixin.MixinKey     code | html
NoOp   Methods using this Enhancer callback will delegate directly to the default (super) implementation in the base class.  code | html
ProxyRefDispatcher   Dispatching Enhancer callback.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

CallbackHelper     code | html
Mixin   Mixin allows multiple objects to be combined into a single larger object.  code | html


CallbackInfo     code | html
DispatcherGenerator     code | html
Enhancer   Generates dynamic subclasses to enable method interception.  code | html
FixedValueGenerator     code | html
InterfaceMaker   Generates new interfaces at runtime.  code | html
InvocationHandlerGenerator     code | html
LazyLoaderGenerator     code | html
MethodInterceptorGenerator     code | html
MethodProxy   Classes generated by Enhancer pass this object to the registered MethodInterceptor objects when an intercepted method is invoked.  code | html
MethodProxy.CreateInfo     code | html
MethodProxy.FastClassInfo     code | html
Mixin.Generator     code | html
Mixin.Route     code | html
MixinBeanEmitter     code | html
MixinEmitter     code | html
MixinEverythingEmitter     code | html
NoOpGenerator     code | html
Proxy   This class is meant to be used as replacement for java.lang.reflect.Proxy under JDK 1.2.  code | html
Proxy.ProxyImpl     code | html
UndeclaredThrowableException   Used by Proxy as a replacement for java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException code | html